HÅKAN JONSSON - E-commerce Strategy Manager

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Håkan Jonsson is an ecommerce strategist and the Head of Ecommerce Strategy at Vaimo. He works with international eCommerce clients, providing strategic guidance and tactical know-how to ensure eCommerce success. As a seasoned eCommerce expert, Håkan works in close cooperation with clients to create engaging and tailored shopping experiences that drive revenue and customer loyalty throughout the full customer lifecycle. With a test and data driven approach his team analyses business performance and produce recommendations that will ultimately increase profit margin and sales. Håkan is also a speaker at industry events, with focus on eCommerce trends and omni-channel shopping experiences.

Håkan has extensive knowledge in business development, operations and marketing strategies along with project management skills and leadership ability. He has co-founded the award winning agency Winston DC and established the Stockholm office for Cordovan Digital. 

With 15 years in the field working as a senior Project Manager and Marketing Consultant, he has gained multitude of insights from various businesses in fields like Digital Commerce and the Gaming Industry. All this diversity is ultimately credited to his creativity and outgoing personality but also his discipline and hard working attitude. 

His result orientated leadership style means he does his best to take care of his team and focuses on the individuals, encouraging and guiding them, as well as taking care of the overall managing of the department.

He is a family man who enjoys sports and traveling. During his time off, he mostly enjoys running and skiing. 

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