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Andreas spent the last 20 years living in San Francisco and other major cities on the US west coast where he worked for Microsoft, Oracle, Sony and many smaller start up companies as a technology leader and later executive.  

Here at Vaimo, he is serving as a vice president of software development and as such is responsible for running all customer development activities for Vaimo's global clients using agile development practices of which he has extensive experience since 2001. 

Andreas has one of those backgrounds we can all be impressed by - knowledge in technical executive strategy, aggressive engineering cost reduction, entrepreneurial and product management experience and a consistent track record of exceptional performance including earning three technical patents at Sony. He also truly combines a unique mix of strong business and leadership skills entangled with deep technical expertise in web system scalability and general software engineering.  

Some of his specialities include: Agile/rapid product release executive leadership of small to large teams (5 to 60+ reports), Microsoft .NET, Java, J2EE, J2ME, Spring/Hibernate, C/C++/C#, PHP 5, MySQL, UML 2, Design Patterns, SOA, XML/XSLT, CSS, BREW, Mobile technologies.

With his "can-do" attitude he is always pushing on even though the road towards the finish line may seem bumpier then ever. His way of staying focused on the end goal helps him avoid becoming stressed or overwhelmed. Andreas is definitely an ideas man -  there is no need sit still and wait for other people to come up with the game plan when you can collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other.

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